Fishers IslandLocal Tips September 7, 2022

Fishers Bites

Fishers Island is a charming island right off the coast of Southeastern, CT. Just 9 miles long and 1 mile wide, Fishers Island offers locals natural beauty paired with charming history. The Island is known for its historical significance and world-renowned Golf Club, however, the Island also offers an array of cafes and markets with artisanal options that keep islanders satisfied. From delicious breakfast sandwiches to locally-farmed oysters, there are endless options for everyone to enjoy!


The West End Cafe

Known for its high traffic location in the community center, the West End Cafe offers homemade bagels and baked goods set to fuel you for a perfect beach or boat day. The Cafe partners with HealthyPlanEat to get farm fresh food delivered to Fishers and keep islanders eating only the best, high quality foods.Operated by Lily Starbuck, the cafe offers a mini gourmet grocery filled with prepared foods, artesian cheeses, and more. Looking for the best BLT w/ avocado on the island? This is your place! Their homemade breads make for the perfect sandwich to satisfy that mid-day hunger.


Food Arts Cafe

The newest addition to the food community on Fishers, the Food Arts Cafe offers a variety of breakfast options sure to make your mouth water. From egg sandwiches to homemade pastries, Chef Robin Toldo combines family favorites and cafe essentials to keep islanders taste buds wanting more! With a mini grocery, the cafe offers fresh fruits, vegetables, juices and prepackaged meals such as chia seed pudding set to start your morning on a sweet note! For lunch, the cafe offers freshly made salads and an array of creative grilled cheeses to bring a creative flare to your lunch. Have you tried their Ricotta cookies… they’re a must!

Village Market

The Village Market is more than just a grocery store. Grab a freshly made panini at the deli, or fresh and ready-to-eat sushi! Their full-service deli offers everything from bone in pork chops, deli meats, and custom sandwich’s. Looking for a great chicken-parm sandwich? Here’s your place! The market offers both pre-made and ready-to-make sandwiches that pair well with that plethora of snacks offered. The Village Market is the perfect place to stock up for any beach day!


The Pequot

The Pequot is “the place to be” on Fishers Island. With both indoor and outdoor seating, classic American meals can be enjoyed while enjoying the nature of the island or the history on the walls inside. Built in 1901, The Pequot is filled with Island history. It was originally built as a boarding house and is the location where Fishers Island Lemonade was created and made. Being the islands’ only public bar and restaurant, the Pequot is never a dull moment! Dinner is offered from 5-9pm Wednesday through Monday and the bar is open until later in the evening. What’s a trip to the Pequot without experiencing the weekend parties with the light-up dance floor?